Astro Turf Contractors in Ringland

Astro Turf Contractors in Ringland

We are professional Astro Turf Contractors in the UK. We have installed numerous pitches and maintained many courts. Get in touch now for a quote,

AstrTurf Surfacing in Ringland

AstrTurf Surfacing in Ringland

We have a range of astroturf surfaces that we can install. This includes needlepunch, 2G, 3G and much more. Contact us now for the best prices.

Artificial Pitch Construction in Ringland

Artificial Pitch Construction in Ringland

We carry out Artificial Pitch Construction to a top standard. Speak to one of our team members today for a quote.

AstroTurf Contractors in Ringland

With over 20 years of experience in the sports surfacing industry, our team at Astroturf Contractors comprises experts in installing and maintaining all-weather astroturf pitch surfaces. Our crew of professionals can advise on the right sports surface for your facility and provide the best value product for your requirements.

Our astroturf contractors in Ringland can help you understand what surfacing is best for your institution and strive to provide you with the best value product for your requirements, always at the highest standard possible.

With world-class synthetic sports turf manufacturers, we provide a wide variety of artificial turf products for all types of sports pitches and grounds. We provide both design and construction and subcontractor services.

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Deciding which artificial sports surface is right for you takes time and consideration. As expert astroturf contractors, we can help make this decision much easier.

We will talk you through the many factors which will influence the type of astroturf you pick – all suitable for sporting activities of every kind, including rugby, football and hockey.

Contact us now using the contact form on the right to get a quick quote or to discuss your ideas. One of our team will get back to you as soon as possible with details on the installation and maintenance services that we provide.


AstroTurf Surfacing

As reliable astroturf Contractors, we ensure that all our sporting surfaces are 100% usable in every weather condition. Our turf has a permeable finish which allows water to pass through both the artificial grass layer and the foundations beneath so that the ground is truly all-purpose.

Our surfaces are built using reduced fines angular stones for a durable quality that still allows water to pass through effectively. Head to our surfacing page for further info on the features of our different pitch surfacing options.

Artificial Turf Maintenance

Whichever turf you opt for, it is important that you give your sports surface regular, proactive maintenance that will prevent any issues arising with the pitch’s porous design.

The best way to do this is to ensure that all contaminations are dealt with by brushing and deep cleaning the artificial grass fibres. The turf infill also needs to be maintained and topped up appropriately to prevent flooding.

Should any damage occur to your surfacing, reactive maintenance may also be required on occasion to ensure the lifespan of our product; this may include seam repairs, infill rejuvenation or full resurfacing.

Head to our maintenance page for further details on astroturf maintenance.

Synthetic Grass Construction in Ringland

Along with the various turf carpets and specifications we offer comes the different types of astroturf constructions. Find out more about the construction here.

We ensure that our clients have a great deal of freedom to choose exactly the right turf and construction means for their sports facility; we will customise your quote to fit with your pitch needs and budget, always ensuring that we can still deliver the highest quality product.

"Looking for a specialist in pitches and surfacing, this is the right place! I would recommend you guys to anyone any day. From the day I handed you the project till the time I got the delivery, everything went smooth and perfect.

I have never witnessed such a level of professionalism and connectivity with the customers. Thank you for delighting me in every possible manner and delivering the right value for every penny that I paid."

We offer a number of additional pitch features in Ringland should you need them too. We can install different fencing options – with a selection of heights to choose from – as well as floodlighting – which ensures your pitch is suitable for use all year round, even when it gets dark early.

As experienced astroturf contractors, we have found floodlighting to be an extremely popular addition for private and public leisure centres across the country.

How is Artificial Grass Installed?

There are quite a few steps to follow when installing artificial grass in your outdoor spaces, namely those listed below: 

  • Pre-installation - This stage is when your prep the area by removing the existing materials. 
  • Preparing the Base - At this stage, a special mix of gravel and sand is installed. 
  • Compacting the Base - The compacting stage involves gravel being compacted by vibrating, tamping, and rolling it.
  • Fitting the Turf 
  • Tucking the Turf's Edges
  • Applying the Filler 
  • Final Grooming 

Does Artificial Grass Attract Flies?

Artificial turf has the advantage of not attracting insects, which is one of its best features. Since there is no uncovered soil on synthetic turf, there is no ready food supply. Ants, spiders, gnats, flies, and mosquitoes must find someplace to live.

How Do You Maintain Fake Grass?

While many people assume that low maintenance means no maintenance, artificial grass is a low-maintenance alternative to a real lawn. Although fake lawns do not need watering or mowing like real lawns, they do require some maintenance to keep them in good shape.

Once a week, most homeowners would need to gently hose down their synthetic lawns. Dust and other small debris that has collected during washings can be removed by spraying the grass fibres with a hose.

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As professional astroturf contractors in Ringland and maintenance specialists, we offer the very best services when it comes to astroturf. If you would like to get a quote for our work, please enquire now by filling in our contact form. 

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