Astro Turf Construction in Angus

Astro Turf Construction in Angus

Interested in Astro Turf Construction? Our team offer the very best prices and information on the construction of sports pitches.

Synthetic Turf Construction Specialists in Angus

Synthetic Turf Construction Specialists in Angus

As Synthetic Turf Construction Specialists in the UK, we aim to offer our clients the very best installations at reasonable prices. Get in touch for a quote.

Astro Turf Construction in Angus

As the UK’s leading Astro Turf contractors, we completed constructions across the whole of the UK and have previously served a wide range of institutions and organisations, from private companies to schools, universities and local leisure centres.

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We allow our clients the complete freedom to choose a surfacing option ( that fits their requirements exactly, but we are also on hand to help guide your decision and ensure that you have the right surface for your needs.

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Construction Process

The first thing to think about in the construction process is the size of your pitch. When we know what sort of space you are trying to cover we can put together a price not only for the astro turf surface itself, but for the foundations too.

We start by laying down a geotextile membrane which stops contamination, such as weeds and roots, growing up through your sub base. This helps maintain the long lasting porosity of your surface and ensure that your sports facility remains weatherproof all year round.

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The next stage in the construction process is to add angular stones which further strengthen the waterproof properties of your turf.

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Angular stones make sure there are gaps for water to drain through.

Installing the Surface

After the sub base, a shock pad is laid down. This will help make playing sports on this surface as comfortable as possible. Ideal for fast paced activities like rugby and football (, it provides an added safety feature too. The shock pad also removes the chances of your turf slipping over time.

Finally the installation of the astro turf itself. We have a number of different turf carpets to choose from, all of which are porous and weatherproof all year round. Individual carpets are laid out before being joined together to provide one seamless pitch.

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The final stage is to lay down an infill – if required. This makes sure that the pile of the surface keeps its structure, it also gives added grip for sports players.

Astroturf Construction Cost in Angus

The cost of all-weather turf can massively vary between projects. The biggest factor is the size of the space, but other specifications may include the need for fencing and floodlighting. Let us help you make the most out of your sports surfacing budget.

When thinking about installing a pitch, you should also keep maintenance costs in mind. Maintenance is a huge part of having a synthetic pitch. Find out more here -

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Our team aim to make sure all of our clients are happy with the overall installation. We will talk through the process and ensure you know what will take place prior to installation.


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